Universal floor container dryer

Sušara podna kontejnerska

Container floor dryer, type: HKS-12/60 has universal applications and is used for drying industrial hemp, camomile, mint, lemon balm and others so that the material that needs to be dried is placed on the floor in an even layer up to 1.7 m in height, depending on the type of raw material.

The dryer construction is made of galvanised steel pipes, while the walls and roof are made of thermal insulation panels with a polyurethane filling. The dryer is easy to install and is of a chambered, container type which can be mounted on a flat surface with or without being fixed to it.

The floor of the dryer is made of perforated galvanised sheet metal 1.5 mm thick, with Ø 3.2 mm perforations. Warm dry air circulates through the floor and goes up, passing through the layer of material, extracting moisture, which dries the material.

The door of the dryer is a double door, which facilitates the loading and unloading of the material that is processed. At the request of the customer, we can supply sectional doors.

HKS-12/60 dryer is produced in three standard sizes with an effective floor area of 24 m², 32 m² or 40 m².

Dryer chamber dimensions:

  • Height: 2800 mm
  • Width: 4000 mm

Floor-plan effective length:

  • 6000 mm for a 24 m² dryer
  • 8000 mm for a 32 m² dryer
  • 10,000 mm for a 40 m² dryer

The dryer can use heating oil, natural gas and biomass (wood pellets or woodchips) as a fuel source.

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