Dryers for agricultural products

Fruit is most commonly dried inside trolley dryers, with horizontal air circulation between the different shelves of the trolley. Vegetables are normally dried inside trolley dryers, but it is not uncommon to use floor chamber dryers as well, with either a stable or segmented moving floor. A floor chamber dryer is also commonly used for drying medicinal herbs, although good efficiency is also attainable using a continuous flow dryer. Tobacco is dried inside a standard chamber trolley dryer equipped with racks for loading tobacco leaves or, in the case of machine harvesting, chamber dryers that enable loading into dedicated containers. Along with the solutions above, we also offer accompanying thermal generators powered by the following energy sources: biomass, natural/liquefied gas or heating oil.

PRODUCTS FROM THIS LINE – Equipment for drying of chamomile, fruits, vegetables, herbs and tobacco:

Floor container dryer

Universal container dryer – portable

Trolley dryer

Dryer for tobacco

Flow dryer

Cylindrical flow dryer

Drying chamber with mobile floor

Natural gas thermal generator

Fuel Oil thermal generator

Thermal generator on biomass – automatic dosing

Thermal generator on firewood

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