Olive leaf – machines for drying, processing and packing

Olive leaves are picked using a dedicated machine, washed and left to dry in the dryer. A trolley dryer is normally used for this purpose, but a floor dryer may be used for larger volumes of leaves to achieve greater cost efficiency. After drying, the leaves are cut to a desired size and either finished by sifting to obtain the final cut material or further processed. The latter includes pulverisation and sifting, which produces a powder used as production material for tea and packaged into filter bags.

PRODUCTS FROM THIS LINE – Equipment for drying, processing and packing of olive leaf:

Machine for removing olive leaves from the branch

Machine for washing olive leaves

Trolley dryer

Floor container dryer

Universal container dryer – portable

Herbs cutter URH 50-6 with interchangeable sieves

Vibrational sieves and conveyors

Packaging machine for bulk packing

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