Chamomile – machines for harvesting, drying and processing

Camomile is commonly sown over the entire area of a field. The flowers are picked at full bloom (approx. 60% of the flowers or flower heads should be fully formed) using a dedicated harvester. The drying process should begin no later than two hours after picking to prevent fermentation and obtain high-quality dry products for further processing. Camomile is usually dried on hard or perforated floors of chamber dryers or in chamber dryers that include drying in dedicated containers. The duration of a single drying cycle depends on several factors – the surface moisture content, internal moisture content, relative air humidity, layer height, and drying programme. It usually lasts 20–26 hours for a 16–20 m³ load of raw camomile, arranged in a layer that is 40–50 cm thick in our 40-m² floor chamber dryer. After drying, camomile should be appropriately stored to protect it from humidity and pests.

PRODUCTS FROM THIS LINE – Equipment for harvesting, drying and processing of chamomile:

Chamomile flower harvester

Cylindrical separator

Herbs cutter RB-200

Herbs cutter RB-400

Floor container dryer

Universal container dryer – portable

Chamomile flower separator

Vibrational sieves and conveyors

Rotating-planetary sieve

Pneumatic separator

Revisory conveyor

Mill for dried plant mass

Pneumatic transport

Mixer MB-80 for pulvis

Suggestions for processing lines

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