Universal floor container dryer

Universal floor container dryer type HKS-12/60 is designed to dry also industrial hemp. The hemp is placed on the perforated floor of the dryer in equal layer of 1-1,5 meters high.

Construction of an dryer is made from galvanized steel pipes and the walls and roof of thermo-insulating panels 50 mm thick, with a polyurethane filling.

Floor of the dryer is made from perforated galvanized sheet metal thickness of 1.2 mm and perforations in 3.2 mm diameter.

Warm air circulates through the perforated floor and through the processing material in order to dry it.

Doors of the drying chamber are double/two doors. If specially ordered, doors could be sectional instead of double

Dryer should be installed on levelled concrete floor.

Dryer type HKS-12/60 we manufacture in 3 sizes with effective surface area of 24 m², 32 m² or 40 m².

Dimensions of drying chamber:

-Height: 2800 mm

-Width: 4000 mm

Layout of an effective length:
– 6000 mm for the dryer of 24 m²
– 8000 mm for the dryer of 32 m²
– 10000 mm for the dryer of 40 m²

Dryer could use fuel oil, natural gas, biomass (wood pellets or wood chips) as energy source for drying.

Dryer is designed to be installed outside and for that purpose it is necessary to make roof extension 2 meters long, for protection of the thermal generator from weather conditions.

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