Processing line for processing of industrial hemp

Our hemp processing lines, as a result of processing, have few outputs after processing:

  1. dust
  2. flowers and leaves up to 4 mm size
  3. seeds
  4. stalk

To achieve those fractions, we can offer you several options of processing:

  1. Processing line for processing the whole top part of hemp plant (dry inflorescence) where separation of flowers, leaves and seed is being performed on the beginning of the processing line (first machine in the line). This processing line give you flexibility the focus on your harvesting and drying first – after the drying you store whole top part of the hemp plant and process it after the harvesting season.
  2. Processing line for processing of hemp inflorescence separated from the stalk (mixture of flowers, leaves and seeds separated from the stalk) where initial separation has been done on our hemp separating machine immediately after the drying. This kind of processing has the advantage of instant separation of stalks while harvesting season lasts and you save the storage space while storing only the mixture of flowers, leaves and seeds. Further processing could bed one after the harvesting season and before the final delivery to your Customer.
  3. Processing line for processing of cut hemp (hemp cut on stem length of 5 cm) where cutting process can be done either before drying or after – depending on your processing technology. This kind of processing is not common anymore because there is possibility of contamination of quality of the flowers due to the possibility of damaging the seeds.

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