Universal portable floor dryer

Universal portable floor dryer is designed also for drying of industrial hemp. The hemp is placed on the perforated floor of the dryer in equal layer of 1-1,5 meters high.

Construction of the dryer is shipping container but the interior walls and roof are in thermo-insulating panels layer with a polyurethane filling

Floor of the dryer is made from perforated galvanized sheet metal thickness of 1.2 mm and perforations in 3.2 mm diameter. Floor of the dryer could be stable or perforated movable floor which is good solution for easier filling and emptying of the drying material. With movable floor there is also no need to worker enter the dryer and in that case one could avoid possible contamination of the drying material.

Warm air circulates through the perforated floor and through the processing material in order to dry it.

Doors of the drying chamber are double container doors.

Dimensions of the interior of the drying chamber:

length –10000 mm

width – 2230 mm

height – 2700 mm

Dryer is designed to be installed outside but while installing should be careful to level the floor – floor of the dryer should be water levelled.

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