Tobacco – machines for harvesting, drying and processing

After the harvest, tobacco is loaded onto racks or into mobile containers for drying. Floor chamber dryers are used for this purpose, along with accompanying thermal generators powered by either biomass, natural/liquefied gas or heating oil. Tobacco purchase lines are used in purchasing, which significantly impacts the time frame and quality of the purchase process. Processing different types of tobacco can include only a cutting process carried out by cutters or slicers, which can be operated individually or as part of a line with other tobacco processing machines. Tobacco processing is mostly done on production lines. Essential equipment includes inspection lines at the input end, conditioners, threshers, separators, presses and other necessary machines. Depending on the needs of the tobacco manufacturer, processing may result in various types of finished tobacco products: tobacco leaves, cut tobacco, tobacco strips, tobacco ribs, small fractions, tobacco dust and other tobacco products not listed here.

PRODUCTS FROM THIS LINE – Equipment for harvesting, processing and drying of tobacco:

Stem cutter for tobacco Burley

Dryer for tobacco

PMD – Processing lines for processing of tobacco


Presses for pressing of tobacco in boxes


The line for the inspection of tobacco boxes and tobacco-box manipulation

Processing line for tobacco inspection

Line for processing small fractions and tobacco ribs

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