Herbs – machines for harvesting, drying, processing and packing

Depending on the type, medicinal herbs are harvested either by a dedicated harvester or by hand. After harvesting, they are dried naturally or in dryers, normally floor chamber dryers, or in dedicated containers. Some manufacturers even use trolley dryers for medicinal herbs depending on their type and volume. After drying, the herbs need to be properly stored so as not to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. Depending on the type of herb and the final product desired, the recommended moisture level of the process line input is around 8–12%. Certain types of herbs need to be shredded before being fed into the line in order to achieve optimum capacity and high-quality processing. Finished products are delivered as flowers, leaves, seeds, milled material, powder, dust, etc., according to the client’s requirements.

PRODUCTS FROM THIS LINE – Equipment for drying and processing of herbs:

Herbs cutter RB-200

Herbs cutter RB-400

Herbs cutter SB-100 with interchangeable sieves

Herbs cutter URH 50-6 with interchangeable sieves

Mill for dried plant mass

Jagged roller mill

Mill centrifugal

Mill pulverizer with cooling with gas CO2


Vibrational sieves and conveyors

Rotating-planetary sieve

Revisory conveyor

Pneumatic separator

Mixer for tea mixtures

Trolley dryer

Floor container dryer

Universal container dryer – portable

Packaging machine for bulk packing

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