• Linija za obradu bilja

    Uključuje razne vrste obrade - rezanje, mljevenje i separaciju razlićitog vrsta bilja, sjemena i začina.

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  • Berač kamilice

    Može biti korišten i za branje raznog vrsta bilja sa integriranim sustavom košnje

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  • Linija za obradu konoplje

    Odvajanje stabljike od herbastog dijela biljke Odvajanje cvijeta industrijske konoplje od sjemena Čišćenje sjemena pneumatskom separacijom

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Chamomile flower harvester

Chamomile flower harvester Harvester type: KVH – 2000E is made from steel construction on which is mounted knuckle-gear drive for the rotating harvester drum. Drum is used for picking the chamomile heads. After picking the chamomile flower heads, harvester drum throws harvested flower to the conveyor, which feds the basket with a hydraulic system for discharging. […]

Hemp separating machine

Hemp separating machine Designed for separation of inflorescence of the hemp plant from the rest of the stem of the plant. Processing material (dry and dryish) is dosed onto input conveyor of the machine. In the separator the flowers, seeds and leaves are separated from the stem. The machine has filter for collecting the hemp […]

Herbs cutter RB-400

Herbs cutter RB-400 Designed for cutting different types of herbs in fresh (raw) or dry state. The cut length depends of technology requirements. Cutter is made with dosing conveyer width of 400 mm and knife length of 400 mm. Knife in rotation cuts compressed herbal mass. Cut length is defined by ratio between speed of […]

Dryer for tobacco

Dryer for tobacco Dryer type HKSD is designed for drying of tobacco or other crops (corn, wheat, peppers, etc.). Capacity: 72, 106, 120 or 150 frame dimensions of 400 x 1500 mm, and 700 to 1500 kg of dried tobacco leaf per drying. Construction of the dryer is made from galvanized steel pipes, and the […]

Universal container drier – portable

Universal container drier – portable, with mobile floor for loading and discharge of processing material Designed for drying of herbs, grains, pumpkin seeds, vegetables, mushrooms etc. Drier capacity for the layer of 40 cm, effective surface area is 9m³. Construction of the drier is made of shipping container and the walls and the roof of thermo-insulating […]

Herbs cutter SB-100 with interchangeable sieve

Herbs cutter SB-100 with interchangeable sieve Herbs cutter with interchangeable sieves, type: SB-100, with cut length according to mesh screen; designed for cutting dry plant mass. Cutter consists of a base, the rotor and stator set. The rotor and stator are made with slots for knives attachment. Size of fraction is defined by changing sieves […]

Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors Belt conveyors are designed for transport of bulk and unit loads. Depending on the purpose, they are used in processing lines or as a standalone machine. According to the purpose, selection for the conveyor belts is carried out, for which we provide all the necessary certificates (FDA standards, etc.). We are installing world’s […]

Hydraulic press

Hydraulic press Presses HOH-A160 and HP-300-2 are designed for pressing of prepared and cooked ground mass of pumpkin seeds. Hydraulic press is equipped with hydraulic aggregate, electrical control cabinet, cylinder for filling and pressing of material. When charging, the pressing cylinder with the conditioned and heat treated mass, between batches volume of 1.5-2 l two […]

Chambers for disinfection with gas CO2

High-pressure chambers for disinsection with gas CO2 Chambers are designed for disinfection of herbs and food raw materials by using gas CO2. Chamber for disinfection is the horizontal high pressure vessel shape, the outer diameter of 1.900,00 mm and a total length of 10.000,00 mm. The volumetric capacity of the chamber is about 20 m³ […]

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