• Equipment for drying and processing of herbs

    Including various processing forms - cutting, milling and separation of various herbs, seeds and spices.

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  • Chamomile flower harvester

    Could be used also for harvesting of various herbs with integrated mowing system.

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  • Equipment for harvesting, drying and processing of hemp

    Separation stalks from herbal parts of the plant. Separating flowers of industrial hemp from the seeds. Cleaning seeds by pneumatic separation.

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Chamomile – machines for harvesting, drying and processing

Camomile is commonly sown over the entire area of a field. The flowers are picked at full bloom (approx. 60% of the flowers or flower heads should be fully formed) using a dedicated harvester. The drying process should begin no later than two hours after picking to prevent fermentation and obtain high-quality dry products for […]

Industrial hemp processing equipment

Industrial hemp processing equipment consists of a header for harvesting the hemp, a universal portable floor dryer, a universal floor container dryer, hemp separating machine, and a processing line for processing of industrial hemp. After striping or reaping the tops of the plants (inflorescences), industrial hemp is dried at around 8% humidity. The most common […]

Herbs – machines for harvesting, drying, processing and packing

Depending on the type, medicinal herbs are harvested either by a dedicated harvester or by hand. After harvesting, they are dried naturally or in dryers, normally floor chamber dryers, or in dedicated containers. Some manufacturers even use trolley dryers for medicinal herbs depending on their type and volume. After drying, the herbs need to be […]

Dryers for agricultural products

Fruit is most commonly dried inside trolley dryers, with horizontal air circulation between the different shelves of the trolley. Vegetables are normally dried inside trolley dryers, but it is not uncommon to use floor chamber dryers as well, with either a stable or segmented moving floor. A floor chamber dryer is also commonly used for […]

Olive leaf – machines for drying, processing and packing

Olive leaves are picked using a dedicated machine, washed and left to dry in the dryer. A trolley dryer is normally used for this purpose, but a floor dryer may be used for larger volumes of leaves to achieve greater cost efficiency. After drying, the leaves are cut to a desired size and either finished […]

Heating of greenhouses, processing halls and work space

Equipment for heating of the inner space is designed for heating of various inner spaces: building, prefabricated buildings, greenhouses, production halls and offices. For heating of the inner space could be used either hanging either stand-alone thermal generator. As the energy source for heating could be used natural gas, fuel oil or biomass. Thermal generators […]

Transport equipment

Our transport equipment production programme includes various standard transporters and transport systems. We design and manufacture conveyor belts, screw conveyors, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, bucket conveyors, segmented and pneumatic conveyor systems according to the specific requirements and project assignment and in cooperation with the client. All of these can be constructed from either standard carbon […]

Pumpkin seeds – machines for harvesting, drying, processing of seeds and production of oil

Pumpkins grown in rows are harvested using a dedicated combine harvester for collecting pumpkin seeds. After harvesting the seeds, the pumpkins are washed and dried. The most common method of drying pumpkin seeds is using the drying floor of chamber dryers equipped with an agitator that periodically stirs the processing materials. After drying, impurities are […]

Other industrial equipment

Other processing equipment could be used for various purposes and various processing phases of production. For producing of final food products we could present our vacuum chambers and desinsection CO2 chambers. From our wide production programme we could also present air filtration system which could be implemented in all our processing lines, metal detectors, and […]

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