Pumpkin seeds – machines for harvesting, drying, processing of seeds and production of oil

Pumpkins grown in rows are harvested using a dedicated combine harvester for collecting pumpkin seeds. After harvesting the seeds, the pumpkins are washed and dried. The most common method of drying pumpkin seeds is using the drying floor of chamber dryers equipped with an agitator that periodically stirs the processing materials. After drying, impurities are removed from the seeds inside a dry cleaning and polishing machine in preparation for further oil production or in order to obtain a finished product ready for consumption. In the case of hot-pressed oil production technology, the naked seeds need to be milled and mixed with salt. The homogeneous mass is subjected to further thermal processing in tanks to facilitate oil extraction. This is followed by a pressing procedure that releases the oil from the press cake, which can be broken down and used for various food- and feed-related purposes.

PRODUCTS FROM THIS LINE – Equipment for the production of pumpkin seed oil:

Pumpkin seed harvester

Washing machine for pumpkin seeds

Floor container dryer

Universal container dryer – portable

Machine for polishing of pumpkin seeds

Jagged roller mill

Mixer for conditioning of ground mass of pumpkin seeds

Gas stove for thermal treatment of the milled mass of pumpkin seeds

Hydraulic press

Smasher of pumpkin residue mass after molding


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