Processing line for tobacco inspection

Revizijski transporter

Processing line for tobacco inspection is designed for disposal (picking) of inadequate quality of tobacco. It consists of one or more distributors, two or more vibrating screens, two or more lines of conveyors. In the middle of the processing line on conveyor for inspection are mounted cascades for tumbling of tobacco so the workers can check both sides of leaf and remove inadequate quality leaf of the lower layer of tobacco from the previous conveyor.
These processing lines are requiring fewer workers because tobacco passes visual inspection of more workers on the same processing line thereby reducing the possibility of passing tobacco of inadequate quality.
Thus made processing line uses significantly less electricity (up to 90%) and reduces maintenance costs.
We produce thus processing lines with input capacity from 1.5 to 10 tons of tobacco.

The next product from this line: Line for processing small fractions and tobacco ribs

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