Dryer for tobacco

Sušara podna kontejnerska

Dryer type HKSD is designed for drying of tobacco or other crops (corn, wheat, peppers, etc.).
Capacity: 72, 106, 120 or 150 frame dimensions of 400 x 1500 mm, and 700 to 1500 kg of dried tobacco leaf per drying.
Construction of the dryer is made from galvanized steel pipes, and the walls and roof of thermo-insulating panels 50 mm thick with a polyurethane filling. The dryer is easy-mounting.
Floor of the dryer is made of perforated galvanized sheet metal thickness of 1.2 mm.
The doors are double or triple, in the dimensions necessary for the manipulation of standard tobacco frames.
Dryers for tobacco use thermal units whose motor fuel can be gas, oil, biomass, pellet and wood.
If the dryer is located outdoors, it is necessary to make eaves 2 meters long in length of a drier, for protection of the thermal generator from weather conditions.

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