Cold press oil machine SPU 40 S

The press is intended for squeezing oil from black grape seeds, white grape seeds, pommegranate seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, raspberry seeds, blackberry seeds, strawberry seeds, mulberry seeds, poppy seeds, thistle seeds, black cumin seeds, mustard seeds, pumpkin seeds without shell, sesame seeds, chia seeds, coconut flour (dried rendered coconut), sunflower seeds (peeled and unpeeled), rape seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, apricot kernel, plum kernel and peanuts.

Heater power: 800W

During cold pressing, three products are obtained:

  • unrefined oil
  • oily residue
  • oil cake

List of raw materials for which the SPU 40 S cold pressing press can be used

Capacity: 10-40 kg/h of raw material
Dimensions: 1124 mm x 559 mm x 844 mm
Power: 4 kW
Weight: 118 kg
Color: Blue

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