Vibrational sieves

Vibrational sieves type VS-3/4 and VS-2/3 are designed for separation of materials on two to four fractions, depending on the number of sieve inserts (floor screens).
Vibrational conveyors transports processed material from input to output of vibrational conveyor’s bed and the speed of conveyor depends of amplitude and frequency of vibration of each material.
The construction of the sieve is made of structural carbon steel or INOX AISI 304. The floors are made of technical INOX AISI 304 nets and the mesh sieves according to Customer preference.
Dosing in the sieve can be manually, mechanically (in processing line) or via an integrated dispensers on the sieve.
On the back side of the sieve are mounted doors, for easy replacement of the sieves and for cleaning. For each floor screen can be performed cleaning, with a rubber balls arranged in cages beneath each floor.
The number of floors of the sieves is from 1 to 3, and number of fractions of the processed material is from 2 to 4.
– Length: 1000-3000 mm (according to the technology and Customer’s requirements)
– Width: 600-1200 mm (according to the technology and Customer’s requirements)

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