Trolley Dryer

Trolley dryer designed for: Drying raw (green) plant material, fruits and vegetables.

Mode: Processing material is dosed in an even layer on the shelves of trolleys which are placed inside the dryer. Heating of the air to the temperature required for the drying is carried out with thermal generator. The heated air is blown into the dryer by fan. Airflow in the dryer is horizontally, between the shelves i.e. between layers of processing material. Moisture saturated air is ejected through outlet flaps or outlet channels and unsaturated outside air is drawn through the flaps or channel for unsaturated air. In order to allow work of automatics and automate the process of drying, in the dryer are located temperature and humidity probes. When the humidity drops to a certain level (according to set parameters on the control cabinet), the valve to discharge moist air closes and drying is carried out in unsaturated air recirculation.

Construction: Profiled INOX AISI 304 sheet metal
Revetment: Thermal isolation panels 50 mm thick

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