Rotating-planetary sieve for herbs

Sieve type RS-150 is designed for separation of materials on two to five fractions, depending on the number of embedded/built-in inserts (sieves).
We are producing rotating-planetary sieves in diameter of 1000-2100 mm, with inserts and sieve mesh (according to Customer demand).
Possibly need for increasing the capacity of sieving for certain types of materials can be increased by installing one or more floors that could be connected together into a common output.
The sieve is made of carbon steel or INOX AISI 304. The floors are made of technical nets in INOX AISI 304 and the mesh sieve according to Customer demand.
For cleaning of the sieve can be mounted the sub-frame, if necessary, made of perforated sheet with rubber balls for the food industry.
Advantages of rotating-planetary sieves are:
– high quality of sieving
– high productivity
– silent and smooth operation
– complete sealing (no dust in environment)
– high reliability

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