Herbs cutter SB-100 with interchangeable sieve

Herbs cutter with interchangeable sieves, type: SB-100, with cut length according to mesh screen; designed for cutting dry plant mass.
Cutter consists of a base, the rotor and stator set. The rotor and stator are made with slots for knives attachment. Size of fraction is defined by changing sieves on the stator.
Cutter is supplied with a set of three sieves (according to customer’s demands), the same or different size of perforations, made of INOX AISI 304.
Depending on the type and purpose of the cutter, the processed material is dosed by a conveyor or hopper.
Cutter’s outside casing is coated with INOX AISI 304, while the blades are made of alloy tool steels, and slots for knives of carbon steel.
Capacity: 100 – 300 kg/h (depending on processing material)

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