Mill pulverizer with cooling with gas CO2

Mill type HUM-30 is intended for chopping herbs with cooling system with gas CO2; when processing material there is a lot of powder created which is potential explosive media. With CO2 cooling system which is ATEX approved there is no danger of explosion.

On the housing of the mill there are mounted nozzles for injecting CO2 gas for cooling of processing material, as well as fire protection. Controlling of system for CO2 injection is made via thermostat.

Processing material is chopped to a size of fraction that can pass through a sieve mounted in the housing of the mill, and is dosed out of the hopper with a vibrating motor or a screw dosing actuator.

Drive of rotor mill is achieved by an electric motor, via pulleys and set of belts.

The capacity of the machine is 10 – 20 kg/h (depending on the processing material).

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