Floor container dryer

Floor container dryer is designed for drying of herbs, grains , pumpkin seeds, vegetables, mushrooms etc.
Dryer HKS -12/60 is produced in 3 sizes with an effective surface area of the floor 24 m², 32 m² or 40 m² meters.
Dryer capacity for the layer of 40 cm, the effective surface area:
– for 24 m² is 9,6 m³
– for 32 m² is 12 m³
– for 40 m² is 16 m³
Construction of the dryer is made from galvanized steel pipes, and the walls and roof of thermo-insulating panels 50 mm thick with a polyurethane filling. The dryer is container type and does not need a building permit.
Floor of the dryer is made of perforated galvanized sheet metal thickness of 1.5 mm, Ø 3.2 mm perforations.
The doors are double/two doors, for charging and discharging of processing material.
Dimensions of the dryer:
-hight: 2800 mm
-width: 4000 mm
Layout of an effective length:
– 6000 mm for the dryer of 24 m²
– 8000 mm for the dryer of 32 m²
– 10000 mm for the dryer of 40 m²
If the dryer is located outdoors, it is necessary to make eaves 2 meters long in length of a drier, for protection of the thermal generator from weather conditions.

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