Chamomile flower separator, type RGK-H 600

Odvajač glavica cvijeta kamilice

Chamomile flower separator is designed to separate the chamomile flower from herb or stems. Total length of the flower with the rest of the stalk is 16 mm. Processing material is dosed in hopper of the separator (manually or via belt transporter) on which bottom are mounted two rotating rollers with round holes. Rollers in rotation are in collision with moving knives which are cutting longer stems. Under the rollers is stringed vibration sieve, which separates the chamomile flower from smaller fractions (herb, petals, pulvis).
Solid and simple construction ensures quality and reliable machine operation.
The machine can be used in processing line or individually.
Capacity: 500 – 1000 kg/8h, depending on harvest quality and share of herb
Material: INOX AISI 304 or carbon steel

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