Chamomile flower harvester

Kombajn za kamilicu - slika 10

Harvester type: KVH – 2000E is made from steel construction on which is mounted knuckle-gear drive for the rotating harvester drum. Drum is used for picking the chamomile heads. After picking the chamomile flower heads, harvester drum throws harvested flower to the conveyor, which feds the basket with a hydraulic system for discharging. Basket capacity is 2,7 m³. Basket empties via its own hydraulic system connected to the hydraulic system of the tractor.

– type of operation: traction – tractor
– capacity: 0,25 – 0,33 ha / h (depending on conditions)
– width: 2 m
– needed power for towing tractor: 30 kW power

New generation of Chamomile flower harvester

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