Redryer is designed for thermal processing of tobacco in the processing treatment, according to the standards and requirements of the technology for processing of tobacco.
The machine consists of a supporting structure, the housing of the machine, air heater, the fan, the system for moistening the tobacco, a moisture expulsion system and conveyor with the input dosing system. The machine is made of INOX AISI 304 or in combination with standard carbon steel.
Conveyor inside of redryer consists of interconnected lamellas made of perforated sheet metal, INOX AISI 304. On both sides of the lamellas are mounted metal lamellar seal to prevent the waste of tobacco and uncontrolled airflow.
The casing of the machine is made of thermo-insulating panels made of INOX AISI 304, with polyurethane filling or filling of mineral wool. Lamellar conveyor passes through all zones of redryer. That conveyor transports the tobacco from the entrance to the exit.
To achieve optimum capacity, given to the size of the machine, a steady source of the vapor pressure of 6 Bar is needed.
The machine is divided into 8 zones:
– 5 zones of drying – moisture of tobacco lowers down to 8% -10%
– Zone of cooling – tobacco is cooled to a set temperature
– Wetting zone (reconditioning) – moisture in tobacco rises and evens out to approximately 12,5%.
The maximum capacity of the machine: 7 t tobacco / h
The machine is equipped with all necessary probes for measuring the temperature and humidity of tobacco, with control and actuators, in order to achieve the set parameters for processing.

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