Mill centrifugal

Mill centrifugal

Mill centrifugal type MB-100 CF is used for grinding dried plant mass.

Proportion of wastage in the total milled mass, comparing to other mills, is significantly reduced due to air flow through the exchangeable sieve inside the mill.

The mill is delivered, in standard option, with a set of three sieves, the same or different perforations, according to Customer demand, made of INOX AISI 304.

The pedestal of mill is usually made from standard carbon steel while the rotor and stator are made from standard carbon steel or INOX AISI 304.

Airflow cleans sieve and fractions that have achieved the size of mesh sieve and quickly separates them from the rest of the material and by pneumatic transport transports to the next stage of processing.

The mill consists of a stator, rotor, pneumatic conveyor, pneumatic separator and airlock or container for grounded processed goods.

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