Universal portable floor dryer

Univerzalna kontejnerska sušara - prijenosna

Container floor dryer, type: HKS-12/60 has universal applications and is used for drying industrial hemp, camomile, mint, lemon balm and others so that the material that needs to be dried is placed on the floor in an even layer up to 1.7 m in height.

The dryer is made out of a dedicated or shipping container, with insulated walls and a roof with thermal insulation panels and a polyurethane filling. The floor of the dryer is made of perforated galvanised sheet metal 1.5 mm thick, with Ø 3.2 mm perforations.

The dryer floor can be static and perforated or mobile and perforated to enable easier loading and unloading of material and to avoid contaminating the material by letting workers into the dryer.

The dryer doors are standard container double doors.

Dryer dimensions:

  • Effective length – 10000 mm
  • Effective width – 2230 mm
  • Effective height – 2700 mm

The dryer can be positioned outdoors on a flat, horizontal surface.

The dryer can use heating oil, natural gas and biomass (wood pellets or woodchips) as a fuel source.

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