Thermal generator on firewood for heating

Thermal generator type HT-RD is designed for warm air heating spaces and drying of agricultural products.
Energy: dry firewood, length up to 1.1 m in maximum diameter of 20 cm, the maximum humidity content of 20%.
The combustion process: pyrolysis.
Dry firewood is manually put to furnace (reactor) for the gasification of wood.
Thermal generator furnace is made of sheet metal and the parts that are exposed to intense heat are made out of fireproof sheet metal and thermal concrete. The furnace is located beneath the ventilator and there is an integrated temperature regulator on the furnace. That increases the performance while reducing the level of output flue gas temperature.
Thermal generator of power of 50 – 150 kW can be equipped with an axial or radial fan, his capacity is 14,000 to 30,000 m³ of air, electronic thermostat with temperature probe and control electrical cabinets.
The removal of ash is done manually.

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