Chambers for disinsection with gas CO2

Chambers are intended for disinfection of herbs and food raw materials by using gas CO2. Chamber for disinfection is the horizontal high pressure vessel shape, the outer diameter of 1.900,00 mm and a total length of 10.000,00 mm.
The volumetric capacity of the chamber is about 20 m³ and a working chamber capacity is in a function ratio of both the gas pressure and treatment time. For gas pressure of approx. = 12 bar duration of treatment is about 12 hours.
The processing material is placed on euro-pallets. On a front side of chamber are doors for charging the material into the chamber. Doors are same diameter as chamber.
Both sides of the chamber are closed by concave floor; one side of the chamber was closed by welding and the other side is closed with doors with a bayonet closure system hanging from a bracket that is attached to a moving frame. The lid is sealed with gasket of special construction.